Vancouver Drones Fly-In


Yesterday (July 8) Vancouver Drones PHS met at Frenchman’s Bar for a ‘fly-in’.  We had four flyers up at a time so there was a lot opportunity to meet other enthusiasts, experience different equipment and discover a new place to fly.


This was the first outdoor meeting.  The agenda was to show up and fly.  Chris Anson was flying his Inspire and it is impressive to watch him navigate in the wind.  He had targets setup and walked people through practice maneuvers.

There were new people that showed up as well, mostly because it was a fly-in.  I personally find the value in this group to be the nice conference room where we can meet and share experiences though planned presentation by the members.  The fly-in was a new experience, one I’m expect will occur again, but even if the weather doesn’t permit there is a place to meet and network.  To the newcomers, I hope you found the experience enlightening and enjoyable and become regular members of the group.

Next Month

On August 12(second Sunday at Six) there will be a video presentation on using Litchi. Litchi offers online way-point planning that sets it apart from the others. Join us and learn more about one of the ‘tools’ that is available and how it is used.  Vancouver Drones PHS is a great group to be involved with.

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