Checklists assure a procedure is followed without relying on memory. Here are my checklists which were put together to define the order and method I pack, unpack, open a flight, fly, close a fight, [repeat], repacking, and archiving.

Defining the steps in detail with checklists for each stage provide clear procedures that prevent accidents as well as costly mistakes. ¬†Using checklists avoid simple mistakes like running out of space during a flight because you didn’t format the SD card to start. ¬†Identify and address issues before they become problems, utilize checklists.

Here are my check lists in order of use:

  1. Packing for Travel
  2. Flight Planning
  3. On Site Unpacking and Setup
  4. Preflight at the Site
  5. Power On
  6. Power Off
  7. Closing the Flight
  8. Processing Data from SD Cards