Packing the Mavic Bag – Step by Step

Here is a check list for packing the Mavic Bag.  I’ve included exactly how I pack the bag to provide a consistent method and checklist for making sure nothing is left behind.


Equipment Packing Checklist


Ready to Go

The Mavic bag has a side strap and it can be attached to your belt to keep it from swinging around.  It is amazing that everything fits into a small side pack and as you might suspect, it is like a puzzle to pack.

DJI Mavic – Bag Packing Checklist

PDF Transport: Checklist

Additional Accessories

The steps above stuffed the little Mavic bag full and there are some additional accessories you will want when you travel but you may not carry with you when flying.

If you don’t have the car charger take the wall charger unless you are certain you won’t have electricity where you are going.  You never know when you will need to charge.

You really do need a sun screen for a tablet.  I found a very nice one the folds up.  My iPad and the sun screen are the only two items I consider necessary that won’t fit into the Mavic bag.

My complete Pack

Mavic and Accessories
Packed Mavic Bag and Accessories

Optional Additional Accessories

Parabolic range extenders narrow the beam so you must pay more attention to the direction you are facing but help in situations where there is interference.

I also like ND and Polarization filters.  They are great for softening the exposure and adding color.  This is ideal for capturing the bright panoramic canvas that drones live in.