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ANET A8 – Fan PID Tuning

M106 S255 Turns on the blower M303 E0 S245 C8 This will heat the first nozzle (E0), and cycle around the target temperature 8 times (C8) at the given temperature (S245) -> and return values for P I and D. Recv: Kp: 7.61 Recv: Ki: 0.42 Recv: Kd: 34.50   After this runs capture the values that were presented with the ‘Autotune finished’ message and set them in memory. M301 P7.61 I0.42 D34.5 M500

Voltage Divider

The concept of a voltage divider seems to be presented as ‘just add a voltage divider’.  Some time the math is shown but I haven’t found any clear explanation as why the overall resistance was determined.   Here I will explain the problem, provide some background, and then apply the math to explain the solution. Problem I needed a ‘fuel gauge’ on my quad-copter, that is I needed to know the battery voltage. The analog input […]

AutoPilot Follow – Bearing Reference Demonstation

In preparation for a mission I reviewed the different software and their follow modes.  AutoPilot stood out as a clear choice and after completing the mission I am writing this post on Bearing Reference.  To master Follow you must understand Bearing Reference.  Absolute is simple and obvious but considered Intermediate and not available at the ‘Basic’ level.  That means Course is the default but I found Bearing Reference Course more difficult to work with.  Here […]

AutoPilot Settings for Follow

Here are AutoPilot settings I used for the boat following mission. Here is a related post with details of the mission and a demonstration of Follow using Bearing Reference ‘Course’   Flight Director Low Battery Warning: 20% I lower this to 20% because the alarm is very annoying and I always land pretty much as soon as it goes off. In addition I set the ‘Critical Low Battery’ (which I believe must be done in […]

Use good cables

I purchased a two pack of 1 ft. cables. to attach my controller to my iPad.  One of the cables stopped working after the controller came out of the adapter and dangled.  I tossed it without a lot of thought since I had the second one on hand. A few months later I was experiencing really strange behavior.  The connection but it was erratic and so I decided to try the 3 ft cable I had […]

Notification – Airport Operations Manager

Notification of flight – Airport Manger As a recreational sUAS operator you must:  Provide prior notification to the airport and air traffic control tower, if one is present, when flying within 5 miles of an airport. This means prior to every flight experience  you must contact all of the airports and heliport managers to inform them of your intent to fly.  Also, if there is an operating control tower, you must call them as well. […]

Water Ski Jump

When I was running camera at a local television station I often ended up at behind the camera at local sporting events.  I still remember the time I covered a water ski jumping event.  It was one of the most exciting experiences I had working as a cameraman. After watching a couple of videos that demonstrated the Mavic’s tracking abilities and AutoPilot’s advanced flight planning abilities that particular experience popped into mind.  I am thinking of […]