DJI Session Capture – 5KPlayer

After discovering the DJI Simulator I thought it would be nice to capture training exercises.  Because the Apple device is connected to the Remote Control my only option was AirPlay.  After looking at several solutions I settled on 5KPlayer, a freeware offering that has everything I am looking for.  

Not Connecting?

It seems sometimes it is necessary to cycle the AirPlay Service ‘Off’ and then ‘On’  between connections (killing the application didn’t work).  You can press F2 or click on the menu button in the upper right corner and click Settings.  Select the AirPlay tab and turn the AirPlay Service ‘Off’.

Once the service has stopped turn it back ‘On’.  You should be able to connect now.


Pros:  High quality video, available for the Mac, freeware, full featured.

Cons: Minor connection issue, easily overcome

5KPlayer seems to be an all around great choice.

Intended Use

I am looking to capture some of my DJI GO sessions.  I will start by creating simulator exercises that demonstrate techniques used for specific types of flight.  It is my intent is to share techniques and promote consistency though training.  By using the simulator it is possible to create lessons that can be practiced anytime, anywhere.

Author: Marc

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