Labeled Switch Plates

FURNACE - Labeled Switch Printed

My wife visited her elderly Aunt in Canada and the house was cold. The furnace is controlled by a switch in the laundry and had been switched off by someone that had mistaken it for the light switch.

More people are becoming involved in helping her and it is likely to happen again.

Problem Statement

My wife got home and asked for my label maker. She had determined it really needed a label. I was concerned a label would not stick very long in the laundry room environment.

3D Printing MMU Style

Why not print a Multiple Material switch plate? One of the skills I have spent time on is using fonts. I’ve found printing face down works best. You want to keep the purge block small and if the object only has text on one side and it is possible, print the text face down. With the Prusa Textured PEI sheet the results are stunning.

Keeping the purge block minimal speeds up the print and minimizes the tool changes.

Face down text
Face down text


Working in FreeCAD I created a Macro that allows customization. At this time I created it for a one-off but felt it was an excellent use of the MMU.

The original plate is black. I use two filaments for the lettering; the ‘coat’ which is glow-in-the-dark filament, and ‘color’ which is UV-Yellow.

Glow / UV Reflective Labeled Switch

The UV lights up bright making it easy to read in a dark place and the glow can be charged with a flashlight (or better a UV light) for a short-time glow for night time operation.

If you are interested in more details post a topic in the Forum to start a discussion.

Author: Marc