PDX Drones – April Meetup

The PDX Drones meetup occurs the second Thusday @ 6:00 PM and is typically attended by around dozen members and one or two new people.

What to Expect

The Lucky Lab is loud. You will have to look around for a group with one or more drones out on the table because there probably won’t be a sign.

The format is several groups talking about the things on the table near them that one of them brought.  If you see something interesting just introduce yourself and join in.  Someone might notice you but there is no organization so be bold.

PDX Drones meetup is a chance to share your interest in drones and gain some exposure to the  different aspects of drones. The environment is too loud to have a group discussion but you can have a beer and talk with others about their (or your) drone(s).

Reasons to Meetup

I keep going because I learn from other peoples experience. For example, after seeing a home built racer I realized I could easily build my own drone.  I went online and did a little research, ordered parts (not a kit), and have built several drones.  I’ve worked with several different flight controllers, frames, and nav-aids (like OSD and GPS).  I now fully understand the different components and how drones communicate and transmit.  I am more capable at detecting a problem and better equipped to understand and deal with it making me a better pilot.

Another example is that I have flown small ‘toy’ drones manually for years but pretty much lost interest in them.  Then I saw that they could be easily turned into First Person Video (FPV) craft.  I also wanted to improve my skills flying manually with a camera and little Whoops make great training devices.  You can crash them over and over and with their protected hull around the props I have yet to break a prop despite hundreds of crashes.   I’ve improved my manual piloting skills more during this last rainy season than any other time.

At a PDX Drones meetup there is always a couple of regular attendees even throughout the winter but once the weather breaks lots of different types of drone enthusiasts show up. Racers, professionals, newbies… you never know what to expect.

Another Meetup Group in the area

Vancouver Drones   in Vancouver, WA just started with it’s first meeting this month. Several members of PDX Drones were there as well.


This review covers the past year and explains what to expect.  I have lined up several other pilots to fly with, once the weather breaks, including professionals who are making a living with their drone.

If you have an interest in drones and meeting people in the area who fly this meetup is worth dropping in on once in a while.


Author: Marc

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