Wall Peg with Bearing

Wall mount peg with bearing

A wall mount for spools that use the bearings and aluminum tubes from the MMU tray it replaced. I created this for my Wall Mount Solution for MMU2s Filament Buffer. This peg feeds very smoothly without resistance and take far less time to print than the pegs they replaced.

FreeCAD GUI – Freehand design

I have come to appreciate FreeCAD. It offers a complete GUI which is great for tweaking but requires a lot of pointing and clicking to drill into properties to make changes. That’s OK because you can also develop using Macros.

Macros are written in Python providing access to all of the properties of an object as well as the resources available to a high level programming language. With a good Python environment design involves a lot of coding and a reasonable amount of point and clicking.

I often start research in the Gui to ‘see’ if my ideas make sense and in the case of this part it was simple enough that I didn’t bother, which means it isn’t parametric. That is the downside to designing in the Gui.


Freehand design is quite useful for small tasks and often allows you to model using an STL by converting it to a solid. I used the s-buffer parts from the Prusa printable parts to create my Wall Mount for the MMU2S Filament Buffer. To create the ledge I ‘cut’ out their shape from another object to create the ledge and latch.

Freehand design is great for putting on finishing touches like fillets and camphers. These are actually difficult to program and best handled manually because they can easily fail when settings are changed. Using a point and click environment where you have to do one thing at a time and can see that it failed works well enough for finish work but I will work to figure out better ways to automate that task too.

Ask questions or start a discussion in the forum if you have something constructive to say about FreeCAD or would like to see more information using FreeCAD.

If you would like to know more about how to use FreeCAD ask a questions on the Forum.

Author: Marc