Floating Cameras, LLC provides drone related services in the Vancouver, WA area. In addition this site offers an online community designed to encourage Pilots, Engineers, and drone enthusiasts to share ideas and communicate ideas and techniques.

I have been a television cameraman and photographer, a private pilot, and had a long career as a software engineer.  I have been following drones for years now and it has been exciting to see all of these interests come together in drones.

This site will provide:

  • Customer Portal – View your projects, schedule a job, find a pilot, more…
  • Pilots Portal – Free to Remote Pilots – A gallery for your work! A place to advertise your services.
  • Guides for all Drone Operators – Skills building and helpful tips and tricks from the Floating Camera community.
  • Learning and Sharing – Connect with Pilots and Businesses using drones in your area.  Lots of links to training materials, classes, and opportunities to fly.
  • Discovery – You may have an idea of how UASs could work for you, or have an idea for a unique drone service.  Ask pilots and other businesses that use drones for guidance. Connect with the people who have experience.

If  you are Remote Pilot and would like to participate be sure to check the box. It is important that as we grow our skills we share knowledge to keep the industry safe.  When you let me know you are a Remote Pilot I will grant you additional access.  As a pilot you can display your work and participate in the pilot discussions.  Take the opportunity to interact, share, and learn from your peers.

The technology is advancing at an amazing speed and I want to be an active participant in its evolution.  Everything we do at this point in time will shape the industry. Join me by participating in the Floating Cameras community.