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Power Track
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Power Track

The Power Track demonstrates how to provide breadboard style connection points in a print.

Pigs in the Kitchen
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LED Track Lights

I created LED track lights for a doll house but they can be mounted anywhere.

Filament tips after retraction
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MMU – Filament tips matter!

Experiencing MMU loading errors? Looking at the wrong kind of tips? Great news! I’ve seen into the future and a solution is just around the corner.

FURNACE - Labeled Switch Printed
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Labeled Switch Plates

A light switch plate covers with UV reflective and glow filaments. Great for a workshop or switch panel.

heated pad installed
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Considering a Silicone Heated Pad? Do it!

Two days ago I  dealt with heat bed failures  where I talked about ordering a silicone heated pad.  It arrived yesterday and today I am…

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Prusa MK3 – Pi Zero W (NOT)

With my Prusa MK3 up and running I was ready to install the Pi-Zero W I had prepared. I didn’t want the Zero installed until…