Flight One – Planning and Lessons learned

Each time I go out I will try to record lessons learned and the highlights of the mission. Flight One My first flight was not quite what I expected, yet it was exactly what I had hoped for.  I went out with a simple plan; become more familiar with my equipment and start scoping out […]


vlog 101 – Equipment for Vlogging

Video Logging – Equipment Video is a cornerstone of the UAS services so moving past simple web pages to a Vlog series is part of the business plan. I envision selfie videos where I will talk about the flight while walking to a launch site. After I get to the launch site I want a video of […]


Floating Cameras – Launch

Floating Cameras is to serve as a repository for UAS related resources and services. Our pilots utilize the most advanced software and equipment and are constantly training to keep up with the advances as they occur,  mastering new techniques and then training  the other pilots. Join as a Pilot and gain access to additional content which includes proprietary […]