Month: May 2017

Shoshone Falls, Idaho
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Osmo Mobile – Panoramic

Panoramic images have become a feature on most cell phones and they do a good job but I like the Osmo Mobile’s approach.  It takes…

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DJI Session Capture – 5KPlayer

After discovering the DJI Simulator I thought it would be nice to capture training exercises.  Because the Apple device is connected to the Remote Control my…

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Part 107 Airport Notifications

As a drone operator you should be diligent in understanding the FAA requirements for flying an sUAS in the United States.  A Recreational pilot must…

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DJI Mavic – Training with the Simulator

Here is a tip about something I wish I had noticed much earlier, the built-in Mavic simulator.  Utilizing the DJI hardware and built-in simulator you can…