Osmo Mobile – Panoramic

Shoshone Falls, Idaho

Panoramic images have become a feature on most cell phones and they do a good job but I like the Osmo Mobile’s approach.  It takes takes nine images in a 3 by 3 grid as you just hold the handle.

Capturing the Panoramic

The vertical coverage was the same no matter what I tried where the Osmo Mobile just adjusted I assume to keep a flat face to the panoramic to avoid the keystone effect.  Selecting the horizontal range took a few tries, where I would capture the guard rail or person standing next to me and I felt at the time it was capturing more sky than I wanted but I am pleased with the final image.

I was using my iPhone 6s and this was my first outing with the Osmo Mobile.  I originally purchased the Osmo Mobile for studio work but I’ve had more fun with it than my Mavic Pro.

Osmo Mobile – Interesting Modes

In addition to the panoramic modes which are fun to work with and produce amazing results you can capture time lapse video with motion.  Again, phones offer time-lapse but the Osmo Mobile allows you to add a slow pan.  The camera motion combined with time-lapse can be far more compelling to watch.

I want to make a note here that when I start recording the unit often starts vibrating and I have to hold the Osmo handle for a second to stop the shaking. I’ve experienced this on several occasions with my tripod. The rapid motion of the Osmo Mobile Gimbals moving to the starting position causes enough motion to start things in motion.  My tripod has enough sway that it develops a sympathetic wave pattern with the Gimbals and shaking occurs.  Once the shaking is stopped there is no more rapid motion so it only seems to occur at the start of a recording.

I also had a problem with the display dimming and going black.  Again, it is a good idea to practice at home and I will update this post as I gain experience.


Besides the Panoramic and Time-Lapse with movement the Osmo Mobile offers a silky smooth pan and tilt with good stabilization for long exposures and more.

The Osmo Mobile made the trip worthwhile which is amazing since I only got the one picture.  I hadn’t been charging my phone while I was on the road and it quickly ran out of battery.

Battery life of your phone can be an issue with using the Osmo Mobile.  I suggest always start with a full charge on your phone and you carry a charging battery you use to charge the phone when you are not shooting.

I watched as other photographers carried their bulky cameras, big lenses, and tripod around and noted the time it took them to unpack, setup, shoot, and then pack up between  spot.

The Osmo Mobile is a good option for anyone with a good phone.  It is a piece of equipment that will work with future phones so it should remain useful for a very long time.

Finally the Osmo Mobile allows you to become familiar with the DJI Gimbals, which are the same as used in the DJI craft.  Working closely with the Osmo Mobile you quickly gain understanding of how the camera moves in relation to its mounting.  I found this useful in flight because I can now visualize the camera movements in relationship to the drone.


Author: Marc

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