Litchi Mission – First flight

For my first Litchi mission I wanted to find a big open area where drone recovery was possible if anything did go wrong.  There are waterfalls in the canyons to the North which opened my eyes with a new level of understanding. If I had been aware of them I would have flipped my flight plan around and […]


Flying in State Parks

After my trip to Shoshone Falls I thought about capturing sites in Washington State so I looked into flying in State parks.  I thought about camp grounds, where a 3D Model and more detailed 2D Mapping would be something many people might find useful. Much to my surprise I discovered that in Washington State my […]

house model

Getting Started – Jump right into Way Point Missions

After taking your drone out a few times and shooting some pictures and video free-form you may be looking for more things to do. You can work with the different modes offered in the DJI GO application which expand on the free-form experience with some automation, or just jump to the end and start working […]