Davinci Resolve 14 – Doing a Voice Over – How To

With Resolve you can now do Voice Overs in Fairlight.  Setup is required. Add an audio track for the Voice Over.  From the menu select  ‘Fairlight -> Patch Input/Output’. [embedyt][/embedyt] Make sure the settings for the microphone recording is set at 16bit, 48000 Hz if the audio isn’t appearing after recording.  Apparently this is […]


DJI Mavic Car Charger – Not on a Prius

My experiences with the DJI Mavic car charger has not been good. Is 12V enough? After three outings where my attempts to charge a battery have failed I decided to do a little research.  First, it appears the DJI Mavic car charger doesn’t work unless the vehicle is running. The issue is simple, 12V is […]