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The site ‘Theme’ has been changed! Why? There was a custom layout in the previous theme that didn’t make an upgrade, the question; fix or replace? It was a grid layout that had been customized so I started searching for a theme with the word ‘grid’. GridMAG appeared to be exactly what I was looking for.

Local Dev

The last time I updated the site’s theme I took the time to document using Docker for a development environment to test changes offline. I backed up the live site (always a good idea before an upgrade) and cloned a development environment.

New Theme?

The GridMAG theme is the look I was after and did not require any custom script. Furthermore, the site is more responsive with subtle transitions that enhance the user experience. The easiest theme change I’ve ever done.

Customizing a Theme via script is risky because it may require maintenance after an update, which is what happened here. GridMAG supports the grid layout without any custom script making it a clear choice.


Switching Themes has never been easier. I installed the Theme on the live site and made the setting changes in just a few minutes. It was great to have the development site in place as a quick reference for the settings.

Author: Marc

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