Power Track

Power Track

This is the continuation of a the LED Track Lights post but is quite useful on its own. It combines the concept of threading a bare copper wire through the print to deliver power utilizing spring clips from a breadboard.

The Power Track is available in the LED Track Lights model and demonstrates how to provide breadboard style connection points in a print.

Power Track on build plate
Insert Spring-clips from a breadboard
Push the wire through the track (detailed instructions in LED Track Lights).

Peel off the backing from a breadboard and push out enough spring-clips to populate the slots in the Power Track.
Power Track
Power Track with power adapter connector

I wrap 22 AWG solid wire around the solid copper tails and solder them. I clip them slightly above the solder so the heat-shrink and remaining tail offer some stress relief.

LED Track Lights and Power Track
LED Track Lights

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