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Glass Lid
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C&M Terrariums engaged FloatingCam to design to design a glass lid for the Exo-Terra Nano and provide “3D Printing on demand” to fill orders. C&M…

Sew-in for masks
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Printing with TPU

New materials like TPU open new possibilities. Here is a soft nub that can be sewn into the corner of a mask alowing the loop size to be easily adjusted.

Miraculous Lady Bug
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Blender and 3D Printing

Blender is often referenced in 3D Printing posts so I decided it was time to see how it fit into 3D Printing. The first thing…

"Favorite" chip
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MMU Test Print

Here is a simple print and concept that should be in every MMU owners toolbox. Small Prints quickly Changes tools often It is an ideal…

Power Track
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Power Track

The Power Track demonstrates how to provide breadboard style connection points in a print.

Pigs in the Kitchen
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LED Track Lights

I created LED track lights for a doll house but they can be mounted anywhere.

Prusa SL1 with Tools
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Is SLA in my future?

Until I have a need for higher resolution I am not going to mess with resins.

Filament tips after retraction
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MMU – Filament tips matter!

Experiencing MMU loading errors? Looking at the wrong kind of tips? Great news! I’ve seen into the future and a solution is just around the corner.

BearingPeg 2
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BearingPeg Customization

Bearing Peg 2.0 demonstrates an interactive FreeCAD model that exceeded my wildest expectations.

FreeCAD with SettingsSheet
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FreeCad – Parametric Design

Incredibly simple to use this Macro will change how you will use FreeCAD.