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Heated Bed Failure

I had a heated bed failure after I cleaned off the PEI sheet.  It was an add-on that I put on but it never worked…

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Original Prusa MK3S

The Prusa MK3 is by far the best 3D printer I have worked with and now they have released the MK3S.  I got to really…

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Multiple Printers and OctoPrint

OctoPrint (or Octopi) plays a major role in my printing.  Printing from SD Card and especially Micro-SD Card (the Ender 3) where it is easy…

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3D Printing or CNC Mill – Getting Started

Last year I purchased my first 3D-Printer kit.  Now I built a MPCNC from parts I ordered online.  This is a guide for getting started…

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Got my MPCNC built and I hit a snag.   I’ll blog more on the details  of the build later but since I haven’t posted in…

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Print a CNC Mill

Watching a “Tom’s” video I was made aware of the Mostly Printed Parts CNC mill  that is made with 3/4″ electrical conduit. Printing Parts This…

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Creality Ender-3

Today the Creality Ender-3 arrived.  This was originally purchased as a potential frame to replace the ANet A8 acrylic frame.  As of this weekend I…

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Color scheme for a “Mostly Printed Parts” CNC

A color scheme can be very valuable when properly implemented.  I am in the process of printing parts for a “Mostly Printed Parts CNC mill”….

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Ender3 – Yet another printer

It seems one printer isn’t enough, but why buy another printer?  First, the technology is changing fast.  Second, they are cheap.  Third, it is a…

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Core-XY with Cyclops and Chimera

To date my only experience in 3D printing has been with the Prusa i3 design.  With that in mind I wanted to make my next…