Core-XY with Cyclops and Chimera

To date my only experience in 3D printing has been with the Prusa i3 design.  With that in mind I wanted to make my next printer either a Delta or Core-XY.

My interest in 3D printing revolves around multiple materials and I am anxiously waiting for the release of the new MM unit by Prusa, which should be in May.  While I wait on my order I decided to research the ‘competition’.

Core-XY or Delta?

Joseph Prusa is a leader in the industry so I am using his newest offering as the standard to compare others against.  I think the MK3 is a great printer, but the proof is how it compares to others.

I really like the Cube design of the Core-XY because it looks structurally sound.  I also like the idea of both X and Y being handled on the extruder level.

The Delta works works with a different coordinate system, which introduces  a learning curve.  I haven’t seen any compelling arguments in favor of the Deltas so I cannot justify taking on the challenge at this time.

Instead I found a Core-XY Cube offering that gives me a larger build area,  dual extruder (or mixing extruder), and they even threw in a WiFi link. They have already filled the order and I should see the printer on Wednesday, less than a week from when I ordered it from China.  It was the frame I wanted, dual extrusion and a mixing head to try out.   It will be interesting to see if there is any real difference in the i3 and Core-XY prints.

Someday I may get around to working with a Delta but for now I think I have more than enough research lined up.


Now that I have hands-on experience with 3D printing on the MK3 I am trying to zero in the the best printer for my needs.

3D printers are inexpensive as equipment goes so I am enjoying the freedom to seriously research the options. Soon I will have a printer with with a dual extruder and that allows me to get an honest side-by-side comparison with the MM kit Prusa is offering.  As an added bonus I will be able to work with a mixing head as well.   It will be interesting to identify the pros and cons of the different approaches.  



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