Vancouver Drones – Second meeting

The second meetup for Vancouver Drones was on Mother’s day and many members didn’t make the meeting.  I presented on building a hobby drone and we talked about dealing with the public when flying.  The good news is that we all agreed that the attitude towards drone flying seems to be softening and becoming an interest rather than concern.  We discussed how to present a positive image and deal with it in a productive manor when they voice their concerns.

Next Meeting

The next meetup is June 10, 6:00 PM at Frenchman’s Bar Park (near Lake Vancouver on the river).  Bring your drone; the agenda is flying.

Frenchman’s Bar Regional Park – 9612 NW Lower River Rd, Vancouver, WA 98660 – Vancouver, WA, us

Latitude:  45°41’0.25″N      Longitude: 122°45’58.20″W


Next meeting will be a great opportunity to see different types of drones in operation and talk with their pilots.

I’ll bring the two racer drones I’ve built in addition to my Mavic. I am interested in talking with someone with racing experience and learn more about tuning and flying the ones I’ve built.  It should be a great opportunity to see how other people fly their drones and gain experience with professionals around to watch and solicit input from.  Hope to see you there!

Author: Marc

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