My Thingiverse experience

Today I thought I’d talk about the Thingiverse environment and the community as I’ve experienced it, so far.  My Thingiverse experience started with sharing my mounting solution for the Prusa MMU2S filament buffer.

Immediate responses

It has been a couple of days and the initial comments and likes have diminished.  I see when someone adds the thing to a collection in addition to the likes and comments.  I see a count of visits and downloads.

The initial response was exciting.  The likes seem to have slowed down but the downloads are still increasing.  The one comment was a great question and was appreciated.

Thingiverse is a Friendly environment

There is no thumbs down, you can like something or not.  I appreciate getting something for free.  If it doesn’t work out as expected I still get ideas from  examining it or printing it and finding out first hand why it won’t work.

Sharing is fun

I hope to walk into another maker’s space and see reels of filament hanging on a wall above an MMU2s with a version of my mount holding the filament buffer.

Author: Marc